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January 27, 2011



For those that have an interest in logging their foods and their exercise so they can make informed decisions might want to check out www.fatsecret.com

I use it, you get a BB app, an app for your iThingy, or a Droid gadget. And it syncs.

You put in your particular info, it estimates your BMR, and then it's off to the races. In the past I hated it, but now I'm loving it and here is why.

unlike Jersey Girl, I'm a large person, and one of the quirks of my body (that i think is related to my size), is that I can diet hard for a day or 4, get on the scale and gain weight. Then two days later, eating more generously, lose 3 or 4 lbs. Now I have a really good idea on a daily basis if I'm weight positive or negative, no matter what the scale says. And I know that over a week or a month the scale will reflect the log. It has to. That's reassuring, and when the scale and my body want to make me nuts, I can relax.

At the least you should check out the site, its totally free!

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