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January 22, 2011



Are there any apps for the blackberry, Droid or iPPle that will make this easier?

Easier is always better!


Oooooo what do you mean easier? Weight loss, or reading my blog, LOL? :) If I can make something easier, I am definitely game! Do tell.


wasn't there a three's company episode where there was a mix up about gluten free and thigh master??

Anyway, wanted to tell you I had bought those anthropologie bowls in Gray around T-giving and LOVE THEM!!


PPS, I am dessert free but there will be no canned sardines for lunch anytime in the near future.
I can totally do the dessert thing


You didn't mention people's underestimates of serving sizes, too. I'm leading a discussion of Thin Within via email. It's eating according to hunger and satisfaction, using the size of your fist to determine how much you should be eating. Most people who want to lose weight try to find foods they can eat piles of. I eat what I want but small amounts. Do take it easy on that hip!


I was thinking of an app that helps you log your calories, food log?

On paper it will never happen, I will lose it, forget it, etc

On the BB it would be ez squeezy


Answered my own question, dowloaded a free food diary to BB. Looks very nice, So far easy to use. Will post a full review.

PS. After reading your review it reminded me of all the times I've heard and adult tell a kid, "don't worry if your not good at math, it's not like you can't read". For one they are two distinct skills, you would never hear someone say, hey at least you only lost one arm. Bad advice, the only free thing that costs a bundle.


Now I'm a member of FatSecret, a pretty simple way to food log, exercise log your way to weight loss.

It wirelessly syncs between your my BB and I can access it online

And free

If you're out there and want to be a buddy Barb can give you my Gmail address.


I couldn't agree more with this and the prior posts, Barb. You're giving some sage, non-sugar-coated advice -- exactly what needs to be said. "Unlearning" years of bad eating habits isn't easy, but it's certainly achievable. Patience with weight loss and not looking for rushed results help the mindset.


When Suzanne Somers declared she could cure her breast cancer on her own with food (et.al.) and encouraged others to follow her, she officially became a danger to society.

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