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January 25, 2011



First thanks for the Taco recipe, soon to be on my menu now that GASP I'm mixing cheese and meat ;) ;)

2nd 3 meals is a bit extreme, but I think you could have got it to 2. That said, I now make special sides for the carb lovers in my house, and something appropriate for me. It's worth the extra effort to hear my boychik say this rocks, and to not feel like an idiot for eating those butter and milk laden mashed potatoes.

Food logs work, but they are a pain. They work cause they force you to come to terms with what you are eating. Here's a thought, if you really can't stand them. Just log what you eat between meals. Most people (excluding me) eat normally at meals, the extras can sink the boat. I have to log right now. I can eat as much as a pregnant rhino just in 3 meals ( to be fair I'm a bigger person). But that can get out of control.


My comment is getting so lonely

sniff sniff


Love your taco recipe. :) Tacos are the best. I am a big fan of the fish taco. Grouper, especially. yum!!! more recipes, please!!!!!

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