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February 15, 2011



LOVE the TB Sunglasses! exquisite, can't wait to see them on you

The cupcakes looked delicious, and I'm sure wowed everyone

Unfortunately our ST V Day was spent laying to rest a dear member of my wife's family. Put a bit of a damper on our day, BUT my wife loved her new KaceyK.

Her jewelry is dainty, and will not overwhelm, but her attention to detail, craftsmanship and use of excellent material make it special. Her initial choker seems to float and sparkle and is perfect in that she can wear it anywhere, anytime. On top of that Kacey herself helped me with the design. Custom made and hands on service, KaceyK isn't a bargain, but if you want a high end custom made item, I would strongly recommend her.


I agree Scott. I think every piece is a true winner. Post some facebook pix of Laura w/ necklace on your FB. I would love to see more! :) What an awesome day, ay?

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