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February 10, 2011



Boneless skinless sardines in water, I'm not expecting that to become a trend anytime soon

Burnout, not sure what anyone can do about that. Teachers are under pressure to teach more get better results (see Bloomberg just recently), admins are under pressure to have more results (higher SATs, more national honors, etc), parents want kids to have it all, and the kids want it all. Each side thinks that it's the others that need to change.

You ever wonder what happened to all those wooden nickels? They must have been epidemic at some point.


I'm with you 100% on the over-homeworked kids. They essentially can't have an outside, non-academic life. It intrudes on everything -- holidays, family time. It's not healthy for the kids.

Scott's correct about the pressure put on everyone to pursue higher grades, but it's more a function of how difficult it's become to get into colleges. And that's due to the never-ending government subsidy for college education, which has pushed up the price of a college degree beyond anything related to an inflation rate. So you have more and more kids trying to get into essentially a fixed number of schools, particularly at the upper echelons, while just about anyone can get a government-backed student loan.

We need a movement to reign in the unjustified cost of college education.


If "merit" pay passes, and judging from my NJEA emails, it's on it's way, teachers will be forced to push even more for the higher test scores. Teachers will become competitive with one another, and the kids will suffer. In my opinion, this is only the beginning, and it's going to get worse. In my district, teachers are already being held accountable in ways that surpass the normal observation. It's all about the test scores!


And I do LOVE your hat. I will be going to my local mall kiosk and purchasing a similar
one today!

michelle c

I saw this post about the sardines and when I walked past them while grocery shopping I picked up a can. They are actually pretty good and will be added to my lunchtime rotation, though the dogs expect me to share. silly dachshunds

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