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March 25, 2011



Last post two recipes for hi carb cookies, followed by this one saying don't eat em.

I'm feeling conflicted


You know, that's me Scott. I'm conflicting. I thought of that as I posed them the other day. I guess the high-carb recipes are for my athlete son, and junk-addicted husband who incidentally is doing a duathlon this week. With that kind of working out daily, these calories are a drop on the bucket. Good point tho, but already realized I am a bag of mixed messages. ;) This weekend I'm determined to share my diet-conscious go-to weekday recipes. Wanna donate one of yours?


I'm happy to give a recipe

I think its evolution and DNA, homo sapien that liked fruit had an advantage, all those vitamins! But with it came the sweet tooth. Now no matter how hard we try we are drawn back to the sugar.

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