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March 17, 2011



Hard to change ones nature late in life

I have a hard time seeing how racing someone who isn't racing you is actually a competition. But I can see how someone who has had to moderate their activity for so long would want to demonstrate their health and vigor (even to themselves).

Perhaps you are just competing in the wrong event. Instead of fastest, perhaps least injured is the race you are really running.


Only a runner would understand competing when the other person isn't racing you. It's a personal athletic competition, within yourself...it has almost nothing to do w/ the other person. But I do agree w/ you in the end, the least injured winds, which is actually what I was trying to say!


Dear Barbie,

I am honored to be mentioned in your BLOG. Fellow bloggers, I am a NEWBIE here...I admit to being a first-time, techno-phobic BLOGGER. Will you welcome me with open yawns to your club? I am sure it's tedious to answer stupid questions...I will try not to ask too many...but I NEED TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM and join the conversation.

So...Barbie,slow and steady is not your style. Your bursts of energy are what make you exciting and a force of nature. GO GIRL-just skip the busy Parsonage Hill, that deadly hill; stick to short and flat for now, and you will be fine. You can build up the distance later. You are NOT an ex-runner! Au contraire.

Your friend in running and all other things,
Heather (trying to figure out her own blog!)

Nevaeh Amateur

Не begins to die that quits his desires.

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