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March 14, 2011



You are so right!! I have a no eating policy in my car. Nobody eats in my car. My kids call me the Rambo of no eating in the car. That being said, I will allow the ocassional altoid or stick of gum. :) But, no eating on the run!


I love the idea of people having a "flattering weight". Perfectly said.

I agree with you about not eating while out and about. I find it hard working at home these days, with the kitchen just steps away beckoning me. It is much easier for me to avoid "munching moments" while I am out of the house because I have that rule already ingrained in my mind. It's all about sticking to your personal rules.

And Em, my kids (3 & 5) haven't figured out yet that I am a tough mom with the no eating in the car rule. Thank goodness. They take their water bottles with them - that's it. There is the occasional exception when we stop somewhere and someone gives them pretzels or a cookie to leave with. Otherwise, NIMC (not in my car).


I just love hearing these rules u guys have. I don't feel so hard-ass after all! :) People sometimes aren't consciously eating - they just walk through life without really understanding what the result is when eating the samples of sliders, mac and cheese or beef pockets at the Costco. Em, lol about the occasional altoid. Aanika, you have your hands full with 3 and 5. That is a tough time to plan, keep routines & focus on you...at least it was when my kids were little. I admire anyone who even tries!! Bravo.


wonderful picture of jumping girl!!

now I don't feel so bad about missed bills etc.


Structure is always a good thing, it's the pre thinking that allows us to accomplish more, get what we want, and not feel as stressed. I am always at my happiest when i have a to do list and I know exactly what i will be eating for the next 3 days.

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