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April 03, 2011


Bette Boop

the advice you gave on eating at parties was just what I needed, since that is my downfall. I have been a "slave to cravings." I have found that the carbos, as you said, are the worse for me and now I am getting back to my equilibrium weight by lowering them.

thank you "Paine Webber"



The quilt is amazing. The black background is a perfect foil for the squares of t-shirts. The quilting makes them look perfect as a quilt square!


I'm obsessed with Jersey Shore. The reunion was fun, but the interviewer was boring. :) Thanks for the party tips. My downfall is evening snacking. I'm good all day, and then the couch seems to have magical powers that make me hungry!


I always love your lists, they are always motivating for me to make my own lists too. I really want my #1 priority to be getting back to my blog-- I've almost gone an entire year away from it. Yikes! Pathetic

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